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The experience obtained by a part of our team during their work in the governing administration, makes us useful legal advisers and specialists in the field of the Administrative Law in Bulgaria. The lawyers of our company are often retained by various central and local authorities for lending an institutional support in connection with preparation and participation in procedures for award of public contracts and participation in intergovernmental agreements.

Our company successfully represents citizens and juridical persons whose rights are infringed by irregular acts established by the state or municipal administration in every stage of the administrative procedure.

We have more than 10 years practice in connection with the granting of licenses and authorizations in various economical spheres, including practically given cases.

The competence of “Shambala Consult” Ltd. in the area of Administrative Law and procedure takes place predominantly in the following directions:

  • Preparing of applications, declarations, appeals, petitions and other documents connected with the Administrative Procedure;
  • Representation before the Administrative Authorities in connection with the issuance of individual administrative acts;
  • Appeal through administrative channels or through the court against individual administrative acts or denials for issuance of such acts (by heads of departments, mayors of municipalities and regions, as well as other authorities of the executive power) according to the Administrative Procedure Act;
  • Appeals against penal provisions according to the Administrative Proceedings Code.