“Shambala Consult” Ltd. Law Company provides legal consultations and intermediary assistance in securing bank financing for investment projects of trading companies. The activities of our firm in this area include preparing of credit and guarantee agreements, participation in negotiations, operating the administrative procedures necessary for the enforcement of the transactions, as well as preparation of the entire documentation in connection with the conclusion and execution of credit agreements. Considerable part of our activity in this sphere covers projects with the collaboration of some of the most significant Bulgarian, foreign and international financial institutions.

Our Company performs legal consultations and intermediation for signing insurance contracts and provides protection of the rights of the insurants in occurrence of accident or another event insured; as well as assistance in signing property insurances. The activity of the Company takes place predominantly in legal services in the field of the following insurance directions:

General Insurance

  • Automobile Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Insurance Responsibilities, Financial Losses and Guarantees

Life Insurance

  • Insurances “Life”
  • Insurances “Accident”

The company provides representation before insurance companies in connection with the recognition and payment of insurance benefits.