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“Shambala Consult” Ltd. Law Company provides highly qualified legal service and representation before the Competent Authorities on the following issues from the area of the Law of Estate:

  • Transactions with real estate and movable properties and establishing limited real rights;
  • Legal regime of the joint ownership;
  • Collateral acts;
  • Rental legal relationships;
  • Notarial procedures.

Our Company provides consultations on all types of questions related to establishing and devolution of real rights over real estate, with posting collateral acts over them, as well as with concluding long-term rent agreements. Our company prepares elaborated analyses on the legal regime of the properties – specification of their boundaries, their market value, their use, the eventual possession issues, the presence of limited real rights, restitution claims, mortgages or other charges and restrictions. The Company prepares the needed contracts and documents, participates in conducting negotiations and cooperates in performing all types of procedures before Notary.


 We aim to be in step with the market conditions and factors orientated to encouraging and supporting the investment policy and processes. Shambala Consult” Ltd. Law Company provides highly qualified legal service related to preparing legal analyses and consults its clients about the investment climate in our country for the purposes of the foreign investment in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria which finds expression in the following activities:

  • Share and joint participation in local companies;
  • Gaining real rights over real estate (right of property, right of use, building lease);
  • Gaining business enterprises;
  • Gaining rights over objects of the intellectual property (objects of copyright and neighboring rights and objects of the industrial property);
  • Gaining rights on concession contracts;
  •  Participation in the construction investment process by consulting and representing Bulgarian and foreign investors.

Consultations regarding the purchasing of a real estate:

  • detailed analyses of the legal regime of the properties and their individualization, research of the ownership documents of the seller, joint ownership relations, the presence of real restrictions, the presence of real, contractual or administrative obstacles for acquiring the property;
  • consultation on the process of researching the infrastructure and the building parameters of the property;
  • professional negotiating;
  • legal aid in acquiring the documents related to the seller for the purposes of the deal;
  • preparation of preliminary and final contract for the sale after a detailed analysis of all the legal aspects for protection of the buyer’s interests;
  • consultations in plans for securing the buyer’s interest (bank security, blockage of the seller’s account)

Consultations for the architectural design and the coordination of the projects with the corresponding institutions:

  • consulting the process of designing of the building;
  • consulting the process for coordination the projects with the corresponding state and municipal authorities and institutions, procedure for notifying the interested persons;
  • legal aid in receiving the designing visa, building permit and other building documents;
  • preparation of contracts for architectural designing, building contracts and other contracts between the buyer and third persons related to the construction of the building;
  • preparation and submission of requests, declarations and other related to the receiving of the corresponding documents and certificates from the competent state authorities and institutions for the purpose of the construction of the building;

Consultations related to the sale of the objects in the building:

  • organizing the advertising of the selling project – apartments, stores, garages and parking plots, according to the instructions of the assignor;
  • research of the real estate market in the region of the selling project;
  • organizing the search for potential buyers of the objects, including through real estate agencies;
  • introducing the potential buyers with due information for the selling objects;
  • undertaking the necessary legal and factual actions for preparation and conclusion of preliminary contracts for sale of the objects;
  • negotiations with the buyers;
  • assistance for gathering the necessary documents related to the real estate ownership transfer;
  • securing the deal before the Notary;
  • managing of the unsold properties, including renting on behalf of the owner;
  • doing the necessary legal and factual actions for seeking responsibility in case of negligence pursuant to the preliminary contracts