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“Shambala Consult” Ltd. Law Company is concerned with activity connected with the legal tax statute and the taxation of the juridical persons, related predominantly to the following services:

  • General Tax registration according to the Tax Procedure Code;
  • Consultations about the corporative taxation;
  • Consultations about the indirect taxation;
  • Representation before the Tax authorities
  • Appeal before the administrative authorities and before court against irregular acts issued by the authorities of the tax administration.

Our company is a legal consultant and partner of the Union of the Revenue Officials in Bulgaria and in this capacity participates in the development of normative acts, opinions, ideas and proposals about the optimization of the Tax administration and its functioning.

“Shambala Consult” Ltd. provides highly qualified legal assistance to their clients related to the occurrence and the execution of their tax obligations and accomplishes representation in all the stages of the tax procedure. The firm consults its clients about the questions connected with the common and the special tax registrations, defining the taxable corporative profit and personal income, as well as applying double-taxation agreements. 


The legal services which “Shambala Consult” Ltd. can provide to their clients in this area are as it follows:

  • Consultations related to the execution of the Customs Legislation and the Customs Regime of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Representation of local and foreign persons before the Customs Authorities in connection with the customs execution of the goods;
  • Preparing of customs powers, applications and litigations to the customs authorities;
  • Mediation in organizing a forwarding from and to customs warehouses and free zones;
  • Appeal the actions of the customs authorities through administrative channels or through the court;
  • Prejudicial and judicial protection in cases against customs infringements and felonies.