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Our company is specialized in the area of protection of trade marks and copyright. The competence of “Shambala Consult” Ltd. in this field takes place in the following directions:

Trade mark:

  • Preparation of trade mark application;
  • Representation before the Patent Office in connection with trade mark applications or registered trade marks;
  • Cancellation / Obliteration of a registered trade mark


  • Legal consultations in cases of infringements of the intellectual property;
  • Procedural representation in legal cases

Border measures for protection:

  • Preparation and presenting applications in the Customs Agency for initiating border measures for protection;
  • Materializing distraints upon goods detained during unlawful or improper  import/export transactions; 

International representation

  • Patent – PCT
  • European Patent
  • Trade markunder the Madrid agreement
  • Design – Hague agreement

Disloyal competition

  • Consultations about activities referred to the disloyal competition
  • Preparation and realization  of activities against disloyal competitors
  • Procedures before the Commission for the Protection of Competition


      • Consultations in the area of Copyright
      • Preparation of contracts
      • Procedure prosecution of infringers